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 The stand-alone, isolated preamp circuit from the PastFx Chorus Ensemble, providing the famous colour, tone, and grit that typifies the effect’s underlying character, but with an added Master Control knob now on tap!









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What is it?

The PastFx Preamp Crunch Plus is an expansion of the PastFx Preamp Crunch Classic, which is the isolated preamp from our Chorus Ensemble in its own enclosure. Like the Classic, the pedal features a high/low signal switch, as well an on/off switch to activate or deactivate a buffer in the circuit. The standard Level Control, which determines the amount of crunch in the preamp signal, shapes the overall tone, gain level, and volume output of the effect. The Plus (+) version features an additional Master Control, allowing players to adjust the overall volume to compensate for higher gain settings on the Level Control, or to achieve unity gain at any point in the Level sweep. With the Master Control set fully clockwise, the Preamp Crunch Plus operates with the same stock circuit as the Preamp Crunch Classic, characterised by its warm, chimey crunch, saturation, and natural compression as the Level Control is engaged. However, turning the Master Control counter-clockwise will steadily lower the pedal’s volume floor, offering the ability to crank the Level up without fear of waking the neighbours!



  • Level Control AND Master Control knobs
  • Correct Internal bipolar voltages +/- 14v & 13v
  • True Bypass or Buffered operation, selectable via on/off switch
  • Red LED Peak Level Indicator visual feedback of input sensitivity    
  • Blue effect on LED indicator
  • High / Low Input sensitivity changeover switch
  • Requires a 9v centre negative power supply, drawing 55mA current, or a 9v battery
  • Dimensions: 112 x 60 x 31mm / 4.4" x 2.36" x 1.22" (enclosure only)

Buffer Circuit

Many owners of the BOSS® CE-1 noticed that when selecting the high on the input sensitivity switch that some of the high frequencies of their signal was lost. This was a desirable outcome for some. To remedy this, some users would place a buffer before the BOSS® CE-1 to restore the high frequencies. The Preamp Crunch comes with an inbuilt buffer circuit which can be added or removed as desired.

Note: When clipping the signal heavily by having the Level control on high, it can give various responses based on

what type of amplifier is used. On some amps it can almost sound like a fuzz, and on others a more traditional crunch sound! This is the same experience with the original.

When the level control and Input sensitivity switch are on high settings, having the buffer activated may increase unwanted noise.

Adjust to taste.

Pot Mod

Switch between 2 different Potentiometer values for the Level Control. Some users of the original Boss CE1 would replace the stock pot for a higher value. This internal switch allows the user to try both. This mod can allow for the signal to clip and crunch earlier.



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daves message



Hi PastFx,
this is Philipp from Munich. The Preamp just arrived.....

Unfortunately, I'm old and my body doesn't take my job as a hobby football goalkeeper as well anymore. My middle finger capsule is ****... no guitar for me for at least 2 weeks.

But..... I had to test it even with two fingers.
Mate, unbelievable!!! That sound... I was searching for it for 2 years now!! I had a nice silver jubilee setup in my Kemper and the XXXXXXXXX XXX Ce1 crunch in front. I never got it right.

I just replaced the XXXXXXXXX XXX  one with yours and... Magic!! I always thought my ears are just bad and I can't setup the amp correctly. But it is setup exactly as I want it!!
Your pedal is the magic sauce. SOOOOO GOOD!!

Now I need a second wonder for my finger to heal until today evening ;-) can't wait to hit the strings.

Thank you so much PastFx, you and your service are awesome!!

Much love from Munich


  • The best pedal I’ve ever bought, many thanks capz
  • Fantastic pedal and awesome seller, thanks for a great eBay experience. scottyblimp
  • Amazing pedal, great sound and quality! A++++!! stareater
  • Excellent pedal but beyond that this is the best service I have ever received from an internet seller. Cannot recommend enough. Pierrez
  • I'm happy with this pedal, thank you. younjoonhee